Acorn                                     Life, Immortality
Acacia                                    Friendship
Agapanthus                             Secret Love
Aloe                                       Grief
Ambrosia                                Love returned
Amaryllis                                Pride, Timidity
Anemone                                Forsaken, Sickness
Arbutus                                  Devotion
Aster                                      Daintiness, Love, Afterthought
Azalea                                    Take care of yourself; Fragile Passion; First Love
Bachelor Button                     Celibacy
Basil-sweet                            Good Wishes
Begonia                                  Beware
Belles of Ireland                      Good Luck
Bittersweet                             Humility, Constancy
Bouvardia                               Enthusiasm
Buttercup                                Childishness
Cactus                                    Endurance, Warmth
Caladium                                Joy, Delight
Calla Lily                                Magnificent beauty
Camellia                                 Admiration, Perfection, Good Luck
Camellia (Red)                       Excellence, Flame of my heart
Camellia (Pink)                       Longing for a man
Camellia (White)                    Adorable, Perfect lovliness
Candytuft                                Indifference
Carnation (Solid color)           Yes
Carnation (Striped)                 No, Refusal, Sorry I can't be with you
Carnation (Red)                      Heartache, Admiration
Carnation (Pink)                     I'll never forget you
Carnation (Purple)                  Capriciousness
Carnation (White)                   Innocence, Adorability
Carnation (Yellow)                 Rejection, Disdain
Cattail                                    Peace, Prosperity
Chrysanthemum (Red)            Love
Chrysanthemum (White)         Truth
Chrysanthemum (Yellow)        Slighted love
Coreopsis                              Always Cheerful
Cowslip                                  Pensiveness, Winning Grace
Crocus                                    Cheerfulness, Youthful Gladness
Cyclamen                                Resignation, Goodbye
Daffodil                                   Regard, You are the only one
Daisy                                       Innocence, Loyal Love
Dandelion                                Faithfulness, Happiness, Rustic Oracle
Fern                                        Confidence, Fascination, Shelter
Fern (Maidenhair)                   Secret Bond of Love
Fir                                          Time
Flax                                        Fate
Fleur-de-Lis                           Flame, I Burn
Forget-Me-Not                      True Love, Memories
Forsythia                                Anticipation
Foxglove                                Youth
Freesia                                    Innocence
Gardinia                                  Secret Love, You're Lovely
Garlic                                      Courage, Strength
Galax                                      Encouragement
Geranium                                Stupidity, Folly
Gladiolus                                 Love at First Sight, Strength of Character
Grass                                      Submission, Utility
Heather -blue                          Admiration, Solitude
Heather -white                        Protection, Wishes Will Come True
Holly                                       Defense, Domestic Happiness, Forsight
Honeysuckle                           Affection, Devoted, Generous
Hyacinth                                  I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Sorrow, Jealousy.
Hydrangea                              Thank You for Understanding, Heartlesness
Larkspur                                 Laughter & Levity
Lavender                                Distrust
Lilac-purple                            First emotion of life
Lilac-white                             Youthful innocence. Sweetness
Lily-orange                             Wealth
Lily-yellow                             Gaiety
Lily of the Valley                     Return of happiness
Lotus Flower                          Estrarnged love
Magnolia                                 Love of nature
Marigold                                 Grief; Cruelty; Jealousy
Marjoram                               Blushes
Mint                                        Virtue
Mistletoe                                 Kiss Me; Overcome Difficulties
Moss                                       Maternal Love
Myrtle                                     Love; Home
Narcissus                                Egotism
Orange blossom                      Purity
Orchid                                    Love; Beauty; Refinement
Pansy                                     Thoughts
Peony                                     Bashfulness; Shame; Good Life
Poppy                                    Eternal Sleep; Oblivian; Imagination
Prickly Pear                            Satire
Queen Anne's                         Haven
Rose                                       Love
Rose-burgundy                        Unconscious love
Rose-red                                 I Love You
Rose-deep red                        Bashful
Rose-pink                               Perfect happiness
Rose-white                              I am worthy of you
Rose-yellow                            Decrease of love
Rose-red & white                    Unity
Rosebud                                  Beauty & Youth
Rosemary                                Remembrance
Sage                                        Wisdom & domestic virtue
Snapdragon                             Presumption
Statice                                     Remembrance
Stephanotis                              Happiness in Marriage
Stock                                      Lasting Beauty
Sunflower                                Adoration
Thyme                                     Activity
Tulip                                        Fame
Tulip-red                                 Declaration of love
Wax Flower                            Riches
Willow                                     Forsaken
Yarrow                                    Healing
Zinnia                                      Thinking; Memory of Absent Friend